PSG Folder Gluer 650

Carton feeding unit

Cartoon feeding unit with electromagnetic clutch operated with electrical control. This gives freedom of switching off the feeder while the machine is still running. feeding belt and 2 nos. carton control knife with 2 nos. side support and 2 nos. carton shaking holder controlled by spring tension.

Pre-folding unit

In the pre folding unit, the creasing lines, 1 and 3 of the blank are pre-folding by 180 both side and lay flat again. This operation is vital and easy to open the folded box.

Pressure Track unit

4 nos. pressure track unit fabricated by 16 mm M S plate with hi-speed spring loaded ball bearing. All track connected with screw rod with hand lever operated, 2 nos. gum tank with wheel for lock bottom system, A & B Type Lock Bottom cartoon with wheel for side pasting with pressure adjustment system. 2 nos. side pasting belt, with 2 nos. dispatcher, etc.

Carton Pressure delivery unit

Carton pressure delivery fabricated by 16mm M S Plate with 16 conveyor width with independent pressure roller with moving system and 3.5 mts long carton pressure delivery unit. 1 no. glass mirror 2 x 2 ft fitted on delivery table, so that you can see the final pasting from front side. 3 x 2.5 ft cartoon tray and pressure delivery with emergency stop. Superior Paint finished, STD tools box & accessories.


Automatic Gluing System (HHS German Make) Automatic gluing system with 3 guns with electronic sensor pneumatically controlled 1 Hp Air compressors for pneumatic system, Digital program panel this system suitable for Hi-speed lock bottom pasting. (HHS German make) auto gluing.


Model 35cm 45cm 65cm 75cm 85cm
Convertible Material Solid Board Solid Board Solid Board Solid Board Solid Board
Maximum Open Blan 35cm 45cm 65cm 75cm 85cm
Minimum Open Blan 6cm 6cm 6cm 6cm 6cm
AC Drive Motor 5hp 5hp 7.5hp 7.5hp 10hp
Variable Control Panel 3.75kw 3.75kw      
Line Speed 250mtrs (800ft)/min 250mtrs
M/C Length 25' 26' 27' 28' 30'
M/C Width 3' 4' 4.5' 5' 5.5’
Weight 3500kg Approx 3800kg Approx 4200kg Approx 4500kg Approx 5000kg Approx
Side Body 16mm
18mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Minimum 10cm/L 10cm/W 10cm/L 10cm/W 10cm/L
Open Blank 10cm/w
10cm/L 10cm/w 15cm/L 12cm/W